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Mu Online Season 6

FrozenMU is opening beta!


We need you in beta server

For make a quality server,we need active players to test our improvments!
We try to do the best job and we use the best OVH Dedicate Servers!


Opening date!

Server will be opened 22 August for couple of weeks for test!.


About Server

FROZENMUServer Statistics

FrozenMUServer Statistics
Total Accounts 35
Total Characters 46
Total Guilds 3
Total Gms 2
Total Online 0
Active In 24 Hours 0

FrozenMUServer Market Statistics
Total Items 5
Active Items 1
Expired Items 4
Total Sold 0
Total Sales ForWCoinC 0
Total Sales ForWCoinP 0
Total Sales ForGbPoint 0

CryWolf Info
Status Of The Fortress Not Protected

Castle Siege Info
Castle Siege Not Active.

# Guild Master Reg Marks
No Registered Guilds